Do you want to buy secondhand product high quality from Japan ?

1- What is the ASEAN TRADE CENTER in Cambodia?

Welcome to ASEAN Trade Center in Cambodia, ATC is not only the biggest supplier but also the most famous and popular company that has been importing for years all the best quality of secondhand goods from Japan to Asian countries. We have professionally cooperated with the Japanese main suppliers of nationwide who can supply and satisfying for you all the best quality items timely for your successful businesses.

We confidentially hope that we can successfully pursue the popular items and the best quality products to satisfy your pursuances, necessaries and your needs that you have been pursuing for years.

2- Transportation Services:

How to deliver and transport the items from Cambodia to Vietnam.

We have cooperated for years with the professional transportation partnerships with cheap prices.

For years that we have experienced of transportation services and we ever delivered also transported several years for our partnerships not only in Cambodia but Vietnam too.

We have professionally experienced of importing and transportation services of exclusive and monopolistic markets for many potential partners, retailers, wholesale sellers, brokers and also customers, so you should not be worried about our services and can trust on us 100%.

3- Partnerships:

There are so many shops such as the potential partners, retailers, wholesale sellers, brokers and also customers are have been cooperating and running businesses professionally and successfully too, so we need to find more partnerships to cooperate with us to satisfy the users and also monopolistic markets for our successful businesses altogether, so that we are seeking Cambodian and Vietnamese potential partners, wholesale sellers, retailers, brokers, and also normal customers of second hand electronic items from Japan.

This section consists many highest quality items of secondhand home appliances are directly imported from Japan.

4- The best quality goods:

There are many most attractive and highest quality products are the best selling of ASEAN Trade Center as below:

– Secondhand 5 and 6 doors refrigerators from Japan.

There are many famous and popular brands of the fridges for cosmopolitans all over the world as below:

– Panasonic, Hitachi, National…

– Secondhand air conditioners, air cleaners and deodorants from Japan.

There are many famous and popular brands of air conditioners, air cleaners and deodorants for cosmopolitans all over the world as below:

– Daikin, Panasonic, Toshiba, National…

– Secondhand slanted/drum washing machines  from Japan etc…

There are many famous and popular brands of the slanted/drum washing machines and vertical washing machines for cosmopolitans all over the world as below:

– Panasonic, Toshiba …

5- Electronics and electrical equipments:

Air-conditioners, fridges from 5 and 6 doors, slanted/drum and vertical washing machines, air-cleaners, deodorants, televisions, amplifiers, equalizers, speakers, laptops, computers, LCDs, microphones, basses and so on…

6- Kitchenwares:

Rice cookers, microwaves, gas stoves, induction hobs, kettles, tumblers, dishwashers, choppers, knives, spoons, ladles, forks, glass, mugs, cups, buckets, plates, bowls, pots, frying pans, dishes and so on…

7- Clothes:

Shirts, T-shirts, blazers, jackets, coats, hammocks, ties, scarves, towels, handkerchiefs, tank tops, sweaters, trousers, skinny jeans, shorts, blouses, skirts, robes, caps, hats, helmets, wigs, shoes, boots, high heels, trainers, socks, slippers etc …

Wardrobes, dressing tables, cupboards, sideboards, desks, tables, arm chairs, console tables, chairs, file cabinets, sculptures, benches,stools etc …8- Furniture:

9- Other goods:

Strollers, bouncers, cradles, slides, stuffed toys, dolls, purses, wallets, handbags, backpacks, suitcases, painting pictures, vases, swings, handicrafts, normal bikes and also mountain bikes etc …

10- Liquidation:

After purchasing the payment will be paid by the total of the amount (cash or credit card ATM) but you can also deposit 30% of the amount but this deposit is none refundable or will be expired after two weeks.